Only a few things are as beautiful as the magic of pregnancy. A child grows inside your body and that in itself is a miracle. However, along the way, your body and mind will undergo some changes, which is a completely natural part of the process. Mental stress, discomfort, restlessness, and fatigue will all be present as your body prepares to bring forth your bundle of joy. Floatation therapy in Ottawa can provide the stress relief and nourishment you need during this important phase in your life. Here are the benefits of float therapy during pregnancy.

Promotion of healthy sleep patterns

Remember how it was when you learned how to ride a bike. The feeling of complete freedom as you rode on your way left you yearning for more. It is the same for the baby growing inside your womb. The ability to hear, touch, or see for the first time must be quite a treat and this means that they may not necessarily want to go to bed the same time as you. The baby would rather explore the womb instead of waiting to see what you have planned for the day. It would be nice to catch up on some sleep and research reveals that just an hour of floatation therapy equals four to six hours of deep rest. With the absence of stimulation to the body and mind, the brain naturally enters into the theta state, which is the moment right before deep sleep. This gives pregnant women the chance to recharge.

Relieve back and spine pain

Approximately eighty percent of women report pain during their pregnancies. With about thirty-five pound of weight added to the front of the body, the spine becomes vulnerable. Because of the high water density experienced during floating, the entire spinal column is able to take a much-deserved break, as you effortlessly float on the surface. Your diaphragm and lungs are able to open up as the forces of gravity lift off your body. Weightlessness is very invigorating.

Reduces stress

Naturally, a pregnancy brings so many questions with it. Am I ready for parenthood? Can I afford it? Is my career on the line? These are just some of the questions that will run through your mind from time to time and they can cause you stress. An hour in total isolation can provide you with the outlet to completely let your mind go and concentrate on what is paramount in your life. With no distractions, your thoughts will begin to slow down while you relax at the same time.

Reduce inflammation and swelling

Epsom is an all-inclusive medicine that has been providing relief to people for years. It comprises of sulfate and magnesium minerals, which the skin readily absorbs. The serene waters that keep your body afloat are full of this salty magic just waiting to relax your body. Your body produces additional fluid throughout your pregnancy and this can lead to swelling of feet, hands, and ankles. Sulfate and magnesium have anti-inflammatory properties that will significantly reduce those feelings of discomfort.


Experience a deeper connection with your child

Being inside a float tank during pregnancy is like being inside a womb within a womb. Most float enthusiasts describe float therapy as being very womb-like. This is the perfect setting for some bonding time with your baby. This is the reason why mothers-to-be who float on a regular basis report feeling their babies move inside their wombs much earlier than expected. Experiencing deep states of consciousness while floating can improve the connection between you and your unborn baby and that is something priceless.

While floating is immensely beneficial for pregnant women, it is important to check first with your doctor before going for the therapy. A doctor will advise against floating under some circumstances. Aside from that, float therapy for pregnant women in Ottawa is the way to go.


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