Whether you want to go for massage therapy or manual therapy in Ottawa, the choice is yours. However, it would be in your best interest to make an informed choice. Here are the main differences between the two methods that will help you decide which one will suit you best.

Difference in technique

In manual therapy, oils are not necessary as the therapist employs physical assessment, soft tissue structure assessment, boy mapping, and deep tissue following an only liniment to warm the tissue prior to treatment. Manual therapists’ do not use percussion of their fingertips, elbows, or thumb tips with oil on nude bodies. On the other hand, massage therapists use oil the entire time and all the aforementioned massage techniques. If they attempt to go deep with oil, they will hurt you so never allow it to happen.

Level of education

Professional manual therapists get training in either sports therapy, physical therapy, osteopathic, or Naprapathic tradition. For instance, if one has training to be a Naprapathic doctor, they will only get licensing to practice in two or three states so they remain lingering under a medical massage license given to massage therapists who have undergone only five-hundred hours of training. It is not fair but the truth is that a manual therapist has two thousand, four hundred hours of training a years of experience but there is no licensing for them to practice.

Different tools

When you go to a manual therapist, they will have a stool for you to sit on and they will use some sort of heat lamp to concentrate on the area of treatment. They also have their tables positioned very low since they do not need to stand most of the time. Manual therapists use draping for modesty. On the other hand, massage therapists have their tables quite high and they stand most of the time. As for preserving modesty, it depends on what the client wants.

Differences in burnout

A manual therapist can work even if they are past the age of seventy simply because their hands will never hurt and they will not experience any burnout. Their techniques are actually healthy for their bodies. However, massage therapists’ burn out at about ten years and at times, they will not recover from poor techniques taught to them by their schools.

Work differences

Manual therapists are allied healthcare professionals and they will need to work alongside an Osteopathic doctor or Physical therapist for maximum care for the patient, particularly in the treatment of functional scoliosis. Preferably, a manual therapist will take ample time releasing all the adhesions first to get blood flowing. This helps free up the spine that is always rigid in these patients. Afterwards, they will see a physical therapist that will help them strengthen and stretch for the spine. In accordance with that, the manual therapist will carry out Naprapathic bony lever on the spine to help straighten it once more. Generally, a manual therapist can only completely release the soft tissue. Conversely, massage therapists tend to work only in places such as Chiropractic offices.

Effectiveness of procedures

Manual therapy is a very effective medical treatment that helps you get better. Massage therapy involves touch and is entertainment-oriented that can and usually does cross professional boundaries. It is more popular with the public but studies indicate that this may change soon. Some massage therapy offices pose as healthcare but they are prostitution massage.

Manual therapy makes lasting and real change in the deep soft tissue structures at the joint complex. On the other hand, massage therapy is superficial and treats only the epidermis. Keep in mind that usually, massage therapists in Ottawa tend to overcharge their services sometimes up to a hundred and twenty dollars an hour; Manual therapists have reasonable pricing considering the value of their services. Sometimes, they will even lower their prices to counter competition.


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