There is quite a lot negativity among healthcare professionals at the moment. Reduced funding, job cuts, and general uncertainties about the future are having a bad effect on people’s health and well being. So lets take a moment to remember what makes physiotherapy in Ottawa so great.

1. Yes, physiotherapists touch you. Very few people are permitted to do this, and practically no others get to touch people for physiotherapy. Some people touch to perform a procedure like as a doctor or nurse, others to show care, but not many people touch to eliminate pain.

2. Physiotherapy in Ottawa can chance people’s lives. Perhaps the most powerful effect of really great physiotherapy is its ability to help people feel different: to give them confidence to try something that’s been too painful or frightening to do for a long time; to take control of their lives; to breathe more easily; to stand on their own again.

3. They are legit and can be trusted. At the end of the day, people trust physiotherapists. They are almost like doctors. They have to work with some of the most personal components of people’s lives such as personal bodily discomfort.

4.They are experienced. One of the best traits that physiotherapists have is their entry to the public health program. Associating with people who have had strokes, or chronic low back pain or anxiety assists when it comes to taking care of someone.

5. They work with people, not just people’s bodies. All proper physiotherapists know that it’s not sufficient to treat the body as a mechanism. To understand people as beings and the ways that our feelings, thoughts and emotions play a part with how we express ourselves makes the difference between being good and being excellent at something. And physiotherapists are excellent at what they do.

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