Physiotherapy is commonly prescribed to enhance the recovery from injury, chronic pain, mobility problems and conditions that affect the musculoskeletal functions. Any person experiencing such conditions requires individualistic physical therapy procedures that will aid in the recovery of the affected part. Physiotherapy is prescribed during or after medical treatment to restore the functioning efficiency of a particular body part. Why is physiotherapy so important to people, why should people stick to the procedures? Below are some of the reasons.

Increases Range of Motion of Joints

For people who have injuries involving the joints, the range of motion could be compromised. Reduced range of motion translates to joint incapacitation. An example is shoulder joint injury, popularly known as adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder. It is characterized by shoulder stiffness and pain.

Even if you try to move your arm a little, you feel a sharp pain and muscle stiffness. Any joint affected such as knee joint, hip joint, ankle joint or wrist joint, showcases these signs. With proper physiotherapy sessions, you can recover and restore the range of motion of your joint.  

Effective Exercise Planning

Ottawa physiotherapists plan exercises based on the condition a client is suffering from. Every exercise is meant to impact the affected body part and yield significant results. You could do these exercises with the physiotherapist or at home as you wait for your appointment date to reach. On every appointment, your condition is reviewed and new exercises are planned to accelerate your recovery.

People who find it difficult to do the exercises can have their exercises changed or they could be guided on how to do those exercises. Removal, changing, increasing or reducing of exercises is done with respect to your recovering progress. Without appointments, your progress would be difficult to know hence no one would know the kind of exercises for you to do.

Improves Brain Functioning

Conditions such as Parkinsonism, post-traumatic brain injury or any neurologic disorder can affect your motor and metabolic activities. The brain has functional regions that control speech, vision, motor function and cognitive functions as well as an area that controls the endocrine system.

Depending on the affected brain’s functional part different body functions could be compromised. Physiotherapists in Ottawa can plan interventions or procedures that can restore the functioning of that particular area. The body function lost due to the effect of injury on that particular part of the brain would be restored. Neurological deficits in gait, mobility, and weaknesses will be completely eliminated leaving you as you were before.

Rehabilitation exercises would be directed towards increasing the efficiency of the affected brain part. As long as it is not extracted, it could be adapted to become efficient like before. The more your brain is made efficient, the more stamina you get on your muscles and body parts.

Eliminates Pain and Numbness

Pain is common after injury and it is normally caused by compression of nerves. The injury could bring inflammation or lead to some parts compressing the nerves all of which result in pain. Pain killers can temporarily help but the rectification of the anatomical problem is what can lead to the permanent elimination of the pain.

Ottawa physiotherapists can plan procedures that can align the affected body parts and return them to their normal anatomical position so that pain is completely eliminated. An example is when you have a joint dislocation and you are experiencing intense pain.

Prevents Permanent Disability


Injuries like spinal cord injury could precipitate lifetime disability. Injured nerves could be rehabilitated through exercises to begin conducting impulses and restoring the functions of the affected body. On spinal cord injury, some parts like legs, reproductive system or hands could be affected.

A Physiotherapist in Ottawa can ensure you are back your feet by formulating physiotherapeutic procedures. It may take more time than expected but it can really improve your condition and make you physically fit again.  


Keep in mind you need a perfect physiotherapist who understand how the body anatomy is arranged and the associated physiology behind every body part function. A well-trained physiotherapist will know the relevance of every exercise or procedure thereby hitting the problem directly and escalating your recovery.

Anatomy and physiology are key components of physiotherapy so if well-applied, the prognosis becomes easy and perfect. The tools used to deliver those services must also be efficient and appropriate if good results are to be witnessed by the patient. Patients must also adhere to the set protocols and abide by all exercise schedules so that they get the most out of every session.

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