Choosing a physiotherapist in Ottawa could be a confusing task since there are many of them located almost in every town. All of them promise excellent services and guarantee you a full recovery from your condition but the truth is, not all are competent.

Depending on the body part affected, you need to select a physiotherapist who can plan excellent interventions that will restore the functioning of your body part. Here are some of the best tips you can use to select the best physiotherapist.


Look at the Culture of Physiotherapy in the Clinic

Health problems require a multidisciplinary approach to ensure 360-degree care is provided. A physiotherapy clinic cannot work alone so it needs to be surrounded by or located near hospitals. If it is not near hospitals, it needs to have orthopedic or musculoskeletal doctors for the specialized examination of clients and a proper plan of care.

The physiotherapy team needs to be sufficient to offer collaborative care that will see clients getting better within a very short time. Multidisciplinary approach and a proper number of staffs make a clinic have that perfect culture for excellence in healthcare provision.   


Is the Clinic Specialized in Handling Your Problem?


Lots of physiotherapy clinics are offering general services and will promise you that they can make you attain excellent results. Truth is, a specialized clinic always has the proper skills and experience to deal with that specific condition. Most specialized physiotherapy clinics spent several years to undergo specialized training.

An example is physiotherapy treatment after spinal cord injury. The resources used, the skills and the experience can enable you to get back to your normal life and continue living as if nothing happened to you. Specialized clinics have all diagnostic tools to monitor your progress and adjust interventions as it sees fit.


Attention by Specialists Throughout All Your Sessions


In Ottawa, physiotherapy clinics have specialists and assistants. The specialists deal with clients at first visit on which they assess, examine medical files, determine injury and record proper interventions. Once they plan the exercises, the assistants are left to assist the client from the start until the next appointments.

Assistants are good and they help clients to do the exercises but the specialists must also spend time to exercise with the client. Find a clinic that will offer specialists’ attention throughout your stay so that your progress is well monitored and adjustment of interventions done.  


Does Their Environment Fit You?


You are investing money and time on that facility so you need to make sure it is worth your money, health and time. Does it have a clean and sterile environment where you can live without acquiring any diseases or infections?

Does it have a gym area where you can exercise with the proper equipment and ensure you get better within a short time? Some have private rooms, fully furnished with all entertainment components installed. Have someone ask about the place or examine it if possible before you book for their services. You can check their website and see the house they have described their environment and services that they offer to people.


Quality of Customer Service Being Offered


Find out if there are maximum attention and communication offered to clients. It is better if the clinic bills your insurance company directly than when you have to deal with your insurance company to process payments for your treatment. The facility must have staff available throughout every hour of the day to ensure you are attended to anytime you would like to.

For people who see physiotherapists on appointment dates, it is nice to have your dates perfectly set, time and office or room number so that you don’t need to keep on asking when the time comes. These may appear small and irrelevant but they count a lot on your treatment.


Does the Clinic Have Clinic Excellent Reviews and Enough Experience?


Positive reviews from previously served clients indicate that the clinic is reliable in the provision of effective physiotherapy care. The more people write good about it, the more professional and essential it is in caring for patients.

Experience is nice to consider because a business that has stayed in practice for over 5 years means it has been providing exactly what clients are looking for. Experience and excellent reviews are two things you must look for when hiring a physiotherapist.




All physiotherapists are trained, licensed and insured so don’t be lured by incentives and cheap services. First, consider who can offer you the best results if you wish to enjoy the best outcomes. Physiotherapists that work in collaboration with doctors and other healthcare specialists are more likely to offer effective interventions that lead to proper recovery. Physiotherapy requires proper planning using all physiological and anatomical knowledge to determine proper interventions that will eliminate suffering and promote recovery.

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