Just like medicine, Physiotherapy is broad and can be used to heal multiple conditions. In physiotherapy, heat, exercises, and massage is some of the treatment procedures. physiotherapists in Ottawa may use artificial devices to perform their interventions. This enables them to impose a maximum impact on the affected part and accelerate healing.

If you don’t know whether or not your condition requires a physiotherapist, have a look at the below conditions. It is also important to ask the physiotherapist if he specializes in the kind of condition you are suffering from. Here are some conditions that main require a physiotherapist for proper rectification.


Respiratory Conditions


chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Cystic fibrosis, and Injury involving the lungs are some of the conditions that may require physiotherapy to heal. The physiotherapy interventions are directed towards enhancing your breathing and ensuring gaseous exchange occurs perfectly.

All exercises and interventions are meant to normalize lung volumes, improve lung strength and alveoli functioning. Physiotherapists in Ottawa aim at increasing activity tolerance, improve the efficiency of ventilation, reduce thoracic pain and normalize lung volumes. Their in-depth knowledge of respiratory physiology and anatomy enables them to rationalize every intervention.

Respiratory secretions that could be blocking or obstructing the airway and causing difficulty in breathing can be suctioned to ensure the airway is properly cleaned.

Musculoskeletal Problems or Conditions


Musculoskeletal conditions, as the name suggests are conditions that involve the muscles and skeletal system. When one gets a musculoskeletal condition, their body’s mobility and motor function are jeopardized. Examples of such conditions include carpal tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis, tendinitis, back pain, and tension neck syndrome. Physiotherapists examine the radiological reports to find out the extent and severity of the condition before they decide on the appropriate interventions.

For example, for fractures, they look at the type of fracture, degree of mobility affected and possible effects. All plan of therapy will be geared towards improving the healing process and enhancing mobility. It doesn’t the part of the musculoskeletal system affected, you can always get individualistic approaches to aid in quick healing and satisfactory prognosis.


Neurological Conditions


Stroke, Injury of the spinal cord, Multiple Sclerosis and Brain Injury are some of the few neurological conditions that can be treated by a physiotherapist. Damaged nerves and tendons can be rehabilitated through exercises until they become viable and able to generate impulses and cause the motor function to occur. After brain injury, your brain’s functional areas could be affected.

This is normally reflected by the outward signs. A physiotherapist can examine you and know the part of the brain affected. He can then plan the best interventions that can restore the functional part of your brain that has been affected. Neurological physiotherapy requires time, persistence and consistency especially for long term conditions like multiple sclerosis. Most of these clients require in-house rehabilitation so as to be close to the care provider and ensure proper and timely therapy sessions are done.

Burns and Wounds


Third-degree burns may require grafting and excessive tissue removal to heal. Owing to these invasive therapeutic interventions, patients heal with a lot of contours on their body especially on the hands. Contours appear like a deformity and they compromise the cosmetic and functional appearance of the hands.

Physiotherapists in Ottawa can plan exercises and procedures that can help to eliminate contours and restore the functioning of the burnt part. Damaged tendons, damaged ligaments, and damaged nerves will be rehabilitated to make sure they are restored. Diabetic ulcers, burns wound care and motor exercises at  


After One Incurs Injuries Either from Accidents to Surgeries


Injuries could leave people’s body parts malfunctioning. After a long stay in hospitals, the affected body parts normally become insensitive or less responsive as they used to be. Through proper physiotherapy exercises and interventions, you be can sure to restore the functional competency of your body parts. The exercises will be adjusted to meet your healing progress.

Proper equipment can be used to make sure maximum impact is achieved and healing accelerated. Injury of legs, injury of hands and injury of the spine can all be taken care of by physiotherapist in Ottawa to make sure your body part function is restored. Some people who have had impotence issues after accidents have also been assisted to recover and become potent again.




Physiotherapy is necessary especially if you encounter injuries of major body parts. You may be surprised to function as before despite incurring multiple injuries on your major body parts. Prognosis can be good if get a specialized physiotherapist.

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