Physiotherapy Ottawa

First visit with an Assessment – $110
Following Treatments – $85

*HST exempt

*Please note that session/treatment costs’ may be greater if additional services are required. This will be clearly discussed between the Patient and their Physician.


 Vivere Wellness | Physiotherapy Ottawa is a leading mind and body rejuvenation centre. The moment you walk into our newly renovated state-of-the-art facility, located in the heart of Ottawa, you’ll be overtaken by the soothing and comforting atmosphere. We’ve envisioned a one-stop shop that allows for complete healing and total relaxation. Vivere provides a variety of therapies for your enjoyment, such as Massage, Physiotherapy, Cupping, or Float Therapy. We’re also proud to bring you one of Ottawa’s first Cryotherapy Chambers.

What are these therapies?

Manual Therapy

Is the use of consistent hands on techniques which are used to restore mobility and improve the biomechanics around surrounding joints and tissues throughout your body. These techniques may include spinal and peripheral joint mobilizations, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue mobilization, and neural mobilization. The manual therapy techniques are used for multiple physio treatments and for a variety of orthopaedic injuries.

Exercise Therapy

How does it work?
is aimed at bringing an importance to common movements. The key to successful rehabilitation is to retrain the muscles to support joints by optimizing their function and performance. Our therapists will use exercise therapy to rehabilitate injures and facilitate muscle and joint movements that were previously painful and uncomfortable. This includes retraining strength, flexibility, coordination and adjusting postural alignment by using the appropriate movement strategies. This will ensure your body is in the best possible shape to return to pre-injury activities and sports. We always aim to make sure our patients are cautious when restarting their activities and sports.

Sports Physiotherapy And  Physiotherapists


Treatments are often the most common physical treatments. It is a treatment for sports injuries which includes a comprehensive full body assessment to determine the nature and severity of an injury. Such injuries may be caused by a traumatic acute onset, repetitive overuse or post-surgical rehabilitation. Correcting biomechanical issues through cold therapy or manual therapy, specific exercise prescription along with consistent movement patterns retraining will help balance the body in order to overcome an injury. Our therapist may recommend spending time in a sensory deprivation tank, in a cold chamber as well as potentially suggest using athletic taping. Our sensory deprivation tanks could potentially help with muscle tension, chronic pain, and or hypertension. Our cold chambers could potentially help with inflammation, nerve pain, as well as provide physical and mental energy. The athletic tape may be used to help provide support, improve alignment and stability to the surrounding joints and tissues. An individual may apply the athletic tape in any way they feel comfortable as far as stability goes. The tape can be used to stabilize an ankle for a soccer game, supporting the upper back for postural correction, or supporting a knee ligament strain.

Core Stability

Exercise Involves the training of muscles positioned between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor. Retraining the endurance and the activation of these muscles are important for supporting the joints in the lumbar spine and pelvis. It is very essential to have great support in the joints in order to improve the function and movement in the lumbar spine. This support will be beneficial in treating lower back pain. The complete core stability exercise is an vital part of your orthopaedic and sport physio treatments.

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